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Interview advice – for candidates and leaders

How to prepare for an interview? Or if you are the leader – are the candidates your interviewing prepared?

An article in the Sunday, 5/22/16 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Steve Twedt) discussed how small-talk can derail a job interview. After working in HR for many years, I am often asked how you should prepare yourself for an interview. First, you should research the company and the job prior to going on the interview (especially if it is a publically traded company – the information is easy to find). You should dress for success and arrive early. Turn off your cell phone and put it away before you even walk in the door. You should treat everyone with respect regardless of the position they hold in the company (from the receptionist, to the maintenance person, to the CEO or president – everyone). Have a positive attitude and be prepared to provide examples of why you would be the ideal candidate for the position. Be concise with your responses (don’t go off topic or elaborate too much). Be honest. The overwhelming amount of research suggests that you should not ask about salary on your first interview. Always end the interview with thanking the person for their time AND follow-up with a thank you letter or email.

Although this may sound simple, it is amazing how many HR recruiters indicate that candidates do not follow the above advice. In a very competitive environment, you want to do your best. Good luck!

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Official Launch at Inspiring Lives Mastermind

      On Saturday, March 12, 2016, I launched “Leaders Empower Lives” at the Inspiring Lives Mastermind held in the Westin in downtown Pittsburgh. The conference consisted of 50 leaders/experts from around the world who shared ideas and inspiration “Ted Talk” style. Speakers came from as far as Singapore and South Africa to attend the event. This was followed by a red carpet Global Gala with over 200 prominent business leaders, non-profit executive directors & best-selling authors. The Gala included an awards ceremony, fashion show, silent auction and salsa dancing.
"Global Gala 2016"
“Global Gala 2016”
      Business & fashion! These are two of my favorites. I had the opportunity to model Lana Neumeryer’s Brazilian unique design on the runway and speak with celebrity & MC for the evening Darieth Chisom. The event raised money for the non-profit Global Sisterhood started by Dr. Shellie Hipsky, best-selling author of the trilogy Common Threads.
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     It was great making connections and meeting so many dedicated, inspiring people!
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The Importance of Your Reputation and Social Media

social media logo

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, it take one bad decision to ruin it.” I’ve been teaching and coaching leadership for over two decades. Every chance that I get, I make this statement as a friendly reminder for students and clients. Let’s face it….most of us are addicted to the use of social media. Imagine a day without going onto FaceBook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Could you stay away for an entire day? I’ve asked a ton of people and the overwhelming majority said No!

Social media makes it so easy to post something to the world instantaneously. It is so fast, that people sometimes post things without thinking about the consequences. Once something is posted, it still exists even if it is deleted. I recommend not posting anything that you would not feel comfortable with the entire world seeing regardless how you have your privacy settings.

Did you ever think about how powerful networks are? If you are a member of sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you probably have realized how many of your friends or connections are linked to other friends of connections. These connections can lead to business and job opportunities. It can be extremely powerful. However, if someone sees something that is posted on social media that has a negative connotation, your connections and network may become aware of it and it may be shared. I’m sure you have watched things that have gone “viral”. Look at how quickly something can be distributed.

For example, posting a photo drinking shots at a night club or photos or videos that you may appear intoxicated or posting a photo in a revealing outfits or making statements that may make someone think about what type of employee you may be, can be fatal to your career. You may not be thinking about it at that moment, however, it can make a difference.

What type of image do you want to portray to a future employer, customer, or client?

People have been terminated for things that they post on social media sites such as Facebook. Imagine if a person calls in sick and posts a status update and/or pic attending an event, party, or just out having fun. Not only can someone question their ethics, they may even be terminated. There have been many cases where employees have lost their jobs due to social media post.

facebook photoEmployee: “I’m so sick. I can’t make it in today”.

An hour later on Facebook…. (Disclosure:  No – I didn’t really do this! As fun as it might have been, my integrity and reputation aren’t worth it. This was just a fun example to try to prove a point….)

Tip of the Day: Think before post. It only takes one bad decision to ruin your reputation. When in doubt, make the ethical choice!

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